Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bad, Bad Blogger

Well, well, well...
She's back.
What can I say...
I have been a HORRIBLE blogger!
My last blog was, oh, let me see....
um, well, let's just move on, shall we?
Let's just say its been a crazy couple of weeks - not to mention I think I got food poisoning!  Uugh!
So to all my followers...
I am sorry for not checking in and keeping up.

I truly do not know how people do it.  How do they do all these amazing things, take pictures, and then find time to blog about it daily all the while going about all their "normal" daily routines.  Again, its the time management thing, I guess.  Maybe I will take a lesson from my SIL and set an alarm each night before bed to blog. Great Idea!  For now, I think I am doing the best I can.

So, here is what I have been up to...

Yep, that's right, more cake balls!
120, to be exact
All for St. Patty's Day
This was the first set in the making. I decided if I took three cake balls, formed them into hearts and used melted chocolate in between, then they would form a shamrock!  I took it a step more and purchased a shamrock candy mold.  I poured a lighter green candy into the molds and attached them to the front of each shamrock. Aren't they cute? Even cuter when they are wrapped!

Because these took soooooo much longer to assemble and I had soooo many to complete, I decided to finish the rest in plain cake ball style.

And more...

And more...

And more...

Once I finished these I went to work on cleaning out my bedroom.  What a mess!
It's finally done, but I DID NOT want to post pics of the before of that one! WoW!

Finally, I am so EXCITED! A dear friend asked me to make a cake for her! She wanted a tombstone for an over the hill themed bday party.  Once she posts pics from the bday party I will share.  I am kicking myself that I did not get pics of that amazing cake. I had a blast doing the cake and hope I get asked to do many more.  I am still learning and defintely a "newbie", but I had a blast doing it!

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Bianca @ Walnut Avenue

Hey Paige! Thanks for following my blog - I am glad to do the same. These shamrocks look amazing!! I am going to search your blog for the tutorial but if you haven't done one please email me with info!! :)


They look soooo yummy! Were these for school? Or are you a nice mommy and make them for your kiddos?
Addie asked this morning when her cousins were going to come back to NE for a visit. So....

Paige Harmon

@ Bianca - Thanks for following! I need to write a tutorial, I guess. I never did post how I actually put them together! Thanks for stopping by!

@ MrsCub - No, not a nice mommy ;)! They were for an "adult" gathering we had with some friends. I know, I hope we get to visit soon, too! The kids still want to live there! I get "mom, when are we moving back to NE?" all the time! Hope you are doing okay!


Paige, You are so creative. Those look very cute and professional! I am sure you must have had lots of compliments. You are so busy with other stuff, I am amazed you find time to blog at all!

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