Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Room A Day Challenge: Day 3,4,5...

"Bean's" Room
Let me preface this by saying that we affectionately call her our "Bean" because we have just always called her Jenna Bean! Don't ask where it came from... I don't know. Just a little nickname for our girl.

So, the messy monster officially struck her room.
Welcome to a home were the mom was sick for weeks, the working dad is playing Mr. Mom and the kids, well, are acting like kids!

This is just a mess. I seriously could not walk in there without clearing a path.

Her Armoire

Her closet (bottom)

Closet (top)
This is actually not too bad...


Her closet wasn't too bad, really.  Its amazing how after sorting through her full closet, this is what actually fits her.

And the floor is completely clean!
 This room honestly took forever.  Between just picking up, organizing and cleaning it took a couple of days. She and I are working on keeping it clean each day and NEVER letting it get that out of hand again. Wow!

So, what are you working on?



Just finished the linen closet - and it was a disaster. I threw away two garbage bags full of stuff we are never going to use...and I did the medicine cabinet while I was at it. Lots of expired stuff in there. So, I now have a shelf with new packages of soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream, medicine, etc. I put small stuff like extra toothbrushes, floss boxes, new razors for him/her, etc. in clear plastic cups and lined them up. NOW I know what I have! The second shelf has all the kids bath toys (in plastic baskets) and the vaporizers are there too. I have an overturned crate (shocker, I know!) under each laundry basket for toilet paper and the kitty litter box. It's a closet full of stuff, I know, but now I can see what we have and there is nothing in there I don't plan on using:) My most favorite item in there? The "Bath Blizzard" bubble machine for the kids to have in the tub - so fun.

Paige Harmon

Ohhh, my kids wanted one of those so badly, but we just never got it. Do they love it??? Hey, there may be alot of stuff in that closet, but at least its organized, right? :) Yeah, so excited for you! Keep going! Going to work on "Belle's" room today!

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