Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Mickey!

A sweet friend of mine was so helpful with Jenna's party that I decided I needed to repay the favor. Her daughter is having a Mickey/Minnie Mouse themed party soon where she is having a candy table for the kids. So, here is one contribution...

Love it! Can't wait to use this idea for Ty's party in the summer with red cardstock instead.

My "Cast of Characters":

Styrofoam wreath
Styrofoam circles
Hot pink cardstock
Dowel rod
White acrylic paint
Glue gun
Glue Sticks
Dum Dum Lollipops
Paint brush

Here is how I did it...
I cut two inch wide strips out of hot pink cardstock. I knew that I would have to overlap or cut some to fit the entire way around the wreath and the circle styrofoam.

Then, I used my glue gun to attach the cardstock strips to the styrofoam. I highly recommend using the white styrofoam for this project.  I discovered very quickly that the hot glue did not want to stick as well to the green styrofoam.

I covered both ears.

Then, I did the same thing to the styrofoam wreath (mickey's head).
Once covered, I inserted a short dowel rod into each ear. Then attached each ear to the wreath with the other end of the dowel. Notice how part of the ear is uncovered... this is where I inserted the dowel and attached it to the head.  The styrofoam did not show once attached.

At first, I was going to cover the ears (as shown).  Instead I decided to use lollipops on the ears, too.
I started off inserting the pops around the outside edge of the wreath, working all the way around. Then, I started another row.  In all, I made three rows.  Just watch your spacing as not to expose too much of the styrofoam.

At this point, I removed the pink cardstock over the top of the ears and began placing the lollipops on the ears, too.
Once both ears were done, I needed a way to display it.  At first, I was going to use a dowel (that I painted white) placed inside a hot pink tin and cover it with colored licorice.  What I found was that the finished piece was just too heavy.  The weight of it pushed the dowel all the way through.  So, Plan B was to shorten my dowel, insert it into the back of the wreath at an angle.  This worked well and allowed it to stand propped up.
So, again here is the finished product...

Too, too cute!

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I love this idea. We here are huge Mickey fans (ok me especially) and this would be great to make for my kid's birthday's (ok mine). Thanks, Blessings, Joanne

Alison @

How cute! My kids are in awe. They want one TODAY!

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very very cute and creative thanks for sharing following you from the hop

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