Monday, February 14, 2011

"Choc"-ed Full of Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tara's class party is today, so the hubs and I spent last night making chocolate peppermint hearts for her friends.  These are soooo incredibly easy. I saw this recipe somewhere (so sorry, I can't remember where!) and I decided to add a little twist.  Instead of just using white chocolate, I used red candy melts.  Next time, I think I will try adding more color to the candy melts to make them more vibrant.

The key to these is remembering to purchase your Candy Canes at CHRISTMAS!

Here is your "Cast of Characters":
(I love the The Pioneer Woman! She always has an amazing cast of characters for her recipes!)

Mini candy canes
White chocolate morsels or colored candy melts
(your choice)
Valentine sprinkles
Lollipop sticks
Cellophane lollipop wraps

The "Script" for this play:
First, I laid out freezer paper (to keep the pops from sticking). Waxed paper would work fine, too.  Then, I laid two candy canes down to form a heart shape. I put a lollipop stick in between the two canes. I melted chocolate and poured it inside each heart.  This is where I had some issues... (see the "screen direction" section below!) Let's just say, my valentine (the hubs) was not my valentine anymore after this process! ;) Love you, babe!

After the chocolate was poured, I added the sprinkles to the top. Once the chocolate set, I added the lollipop wrappers and tied with ribbon.  I think a cute tag would just top it all off! However, due to not "scripting" my time better, I had to leave them off. :(

Direction 1:
I used a small spoon to pour in the chocolate, but I would recommend a plastic bottle with a nozzle for easier and smoother distribution. Usually, you can find these at the craft stores with all the candy melts. I tried a icing tip and decorator bag... Fail!
Direction 2:
Work in stages! If you melt all the chocolate at once, you have to work fast to get the chocolate poured and the sprinkles on before the chocolate sets up.

Hope you enjoyed the play!
Have a great Valentine's Day!



Hi Paige:) This is adorable! Beautiful presentation, and I love your tutorial.
I found you on BF- I'm a new follower. I blog about my scrapbooking, and I hope you'll come join me:)

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