Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Room in One Day Challenge

So, every computer in our house has hit some sort of glitch this week.  Currently, I am using my hubby's computer and HATING it! Uuuugh!  Well, it could be worse, right?  No, really, it could. I am a total work in progress and am still learning daily how to be content in all circumstances! 

I decided this week was an early spring cleaning week.  Each day I was going to "Cleanse and Purge" a different room of the house.  OK, so why am I still on the first room and have been in that room for THREE days???????

I find that when I start a project like this my perfectionist nature takes over and I go off on a complete tangent!  It's insane! The other issue is that I go to put something away in another room and start doing the same thing (cleansing and purging) in that room.  It's nuts!

My goal: Make tomorrow the last day in the kitchen!

I am taking the weekend off (except for our "field day" cleaning time on Sat. and will start fresh and revived on Monday!!!!! 

So, here is my

 Starting Monday, choose one room a day in your house to "Cleanse and Purge" along with me!

Then, tell me all about it!
This way, I have some partners and encouragement and so do you.
I will take a picture of the room I choose each day and any unsightly spots it houses.  I will do my best to organize and clean each room within that day! Some rooms may take a few more ;), but the goal should be one room in one day!  After I am all done, I will post after pictures. Will you do the same? 

I hope you will take the challenge with me!  I look forward to having a "spring cleaned" house before spring so I can spend those gorgeous days outside with my kiddos!

How About You?



Funny that I came here because I was planning to do this very thing!

Visiting from Mom Loop Friday at the BlogFrog :)

Tribal Times

Something about the glorious weather we are having that makes me want to Spring cleaning all day long!

Our Banana Moments

Wow, I start a room and quickly lose interest.

Mom Loop Friday!

JDaniel4's Mom

I promise to stop by next Friday and hear how the week went.

Stopping from Mom Loop1

Karen Dawkins

Hey there.
We got that urge too. I started smaller -- in the laundry room. You can see a picture of my finished product on my blog :)

We're tackling the home "office" next. It looks more like an attic, or a disorganized closet, or probably most accurately, a garbage dump. I'm not sure how anyone gets anything done in there.... maybe that's why I'm on the laptop in the family room right now!

I hope your projects go well. (Stopping by from Mom Loop)


We spent a lot of this morning cleaning too! We started out cleaning up for company, but then I saw the mess in the laundry room, and we started cleaning there too. I tend to get discouraged with my house around this time of year, because we have all been inside so much. This post is encouraging! :)

(following from Mom Loop)


Okay, I'm up for the challenge... I think. I've been trying to jump start my own cleaning schedule lately, and haven't been too motivated... Maybe this will do it.

Paige Harmon

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! I worked more on the kitchen today and think I am ready to start with a new room on Monday! Wonder which room.... Thinking laundry. Planning to post pics on Mon. morn.

@Kim - hope you can join me, then!

@Tribal Times - I just want to be outside in the gorgeous weather, but now its back to the 30s again! Have to wait a bit longer, I guess!

@Our Banana Moments - I can totally relate!

@JDaniel4s Mom - Let me just say "No, thank you!" for stopping by! I loved your "coup" post. Keep sharing those great stories! Please do stop by on Friday... hold me accountable.

@Karen - Loved your post! Needed that check on respect and my kiddos. I left a comment for you.

@Kay - so glad you felt encouraged!

@Christina - SOOOOOOO thankful you decided to join me! I really need the accountability. I can't wait to hear all about how it goes for you!


Oh Paige! This is just what I needed! Somebody to cleanse and purge with!!! I will be starting a bit later than the rest, since it's Tuesday, I"m swamped for the next two days with errands and so forth. However I will start next week!! One tip I have learned from FlyLady (google her, she's awesome!) is do your best and then move on. If your goal is one room each day, then get as much done as you can in that one day. Before going to bed, look it over and say: "I did my best. I'm done with the kitchen. Tomorrow I start on. . ." Then move on. You can always repeat the challenge, or even after doing 'one room a day' follow up with 'one room a week' if you have any rooms that truly need that much attention! Spending 15 minutes decluttering every night is a great start too. That's also from Flylady. Look up her baby steps!

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