Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Room A Day Challenge: Day One

The Laundry Room
This room drives me insane.  Very little storage space and narrow.  Not enough space to be a "mud room" for six people.  It is our primary entrance to the house through the garage.  It is just the dumping ground for everyone's things. 
My goal:  Make this room more functional and organized

My Folding "Table"

The Tool Drawer

The Dog/Catch All Cabinet

The Craft Cabinet
When I opened this things started falling out!

The Counter
(had some trouble getting these pics b/c the area is sooooo narrow - sorry!)

See how messy and unorganized...

And After:
My Shoe Solution

The Craft Cabinet

The Catch All Cabinet

My Folding "Table"

Tool Drawer

TP/Diaper/Paper Towels

The Counter

Goal Achieved!!!
 How about you? How did you do today?



You are awesome! I'm just trying to organize ONE thing a day and have been struggling. Love it!


Good job Paige! I left you a comment on Blog Frog. Our littlest guy is really sick. I'm taking care of him and can't do the clean up just yet. But..I am inspired!


Don't you mean MY shoe solution. Good job baby.


Just about every thing in my house needs to be organized...are you for hire? :)


That is the room I need to work on too... We also use our small laundry room as our main entrance. I like the shoe idea - wondering if hubby's shoes will work in it, since they are the biggest tripping threat in that room... I need to go to Target and get some things, too...Wonder if the hubby will notice me missing. lol.

Paige Harmon

Thanks so much for all of your thoughts, encouragement and support! I am going to need it to get through this challenge.

@Christina - I must confess... it was my hubby's brilliant idea! His size 10s do work in it. Each person has one row. Two pair of shoes allowed downstairs ONLY! Otherwise, count the shoes 6 people x 2 pairs of shoes = 24 shoes. It gets out of control quickly!

@laughwithus - somedays I wish I were for hire! I find it much more fun to organize for others than myself!

Thanks again guys!


Love this challenge! I'm doing a similar "spring cleaning" theme on my blog in a few weeks.

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