Sunday, February 6, 2011

Party With Pikachu

So, I finally found my adapter for the Nikon to download my pics! They are not fantastic, but it seems like the boys had a great time!  It was supposed to be a "laid-back" birthday party... what was I thinking?  When the boys arrived we ate - nothing fancy just pizza and pop!
I let them hang out and play for a bit as we had some late arrivals, but they started to get a bit crazy. So, we began our first project.... Professor Sebestian's Workshop
(for those of us non-pokemon types, Prof. Sebestian designs things for the Pokemon characters to better defeat their competitors with.)
Prior to the party, I gathered all the recyclable items I could... paper towel tubes, yogurt cups, coffee cans, pop bottles, water bottles, boxes, etc.  I also put together any thing from my craft stash I could find... pipe cleaners, stickers, goodle eyes, pom poms, glitter glue, markers, foam stickers, beads, etc... I made a seperate container for adhesives... clear packing tape, glue sticks, elmers glue, tacky glue, and glue dots.  I set up the tables and let them get to work!  I have to say... I was completely amazed at all they came up with!  They could have done this for hours!!!  In fact, they designed more from the leftover items the next morning!
After Prof. Sebestian's workshop, we played Pin The Tail on Pikachu!  My hubby drew a life-sized picture of Pikachu and we printed out tails with the boys names on them.  They we so good at the game that I ended up giving out three prizes in the first round - even with a blindfold and spinning!  My one mistake... not taking a picture in all the chaos! However, I do have a picture of Christopher's Pikachu cake I made him and the pokeman cake balls!!!!  They kids absolutely love the cake balls and so did everyone else that had some!  Can't wait to make more!

Overall, I think he had a great bday! The boys finished off the night with gifts, a little Wii, a movie and finally sleep! 
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