Friday, February 11, 2011

How Do You Manage It?

Time.... it seems as if there is never enough!  For example, right now I am on the computer.  How long will I be on here? Am I neglecting a million other things to be on the computer?  How much time is too much? 

Balancing it all is delicate.  The house is a wreck, the kids are a mess, laundry is piled up,  but my blog is done!

Then, there are those days where the house is clean, the kids are clean, the laundry.... well, I wouldn't say that is ever really all clean in our home!  The point is that when all that is done, I find I haven't blogged in days.

I found this image at and thought it was fitting. If we look at our children and their time with us it feels like time flies!

What's more important?  Obviously, my hubby, my kids, and my home.   I just wish I could balance it all better.  I sooooo want to be a scheduled person, but I find I am inconsistent.  How about you?



I so understand! Unfortunately I don't have any tips, because I know I don't manage it well at all. In fact this morning I have a million things I could be doing, a thousand I should be doing, yet here I am reading blogs and goofing on facebook ;)

One thing I try to do though, is watch a cartoon w/ the boys all cuddled up in bed before coffee and computer time, then limit it to the "I have to get it done right now" stuff on the computer. Then through out the day I alternate between kids, housework, and computer/other crafting.

~ your SIL Sara ;)


I so don't have the answer--I know I need to start cleaning up the house as I write this. I'm thinking that my next goal is to make a schedule--for everything!--Love the look of your blog-so fun!


Perfect timing for me to find this post. It's how I feel lately. The laundry is piling up, the kitchen is a wreck... The kids and I DID get to make Valentine's this morning, but Mommy felt rushed to try to get other things done and I was snappy. Sigh. It is impossible to get everything done and feel it was done right sometimes...
Thanks for stopping by from Mom Loop. I'm following you on GFC now, too.


Hi Paige! My name is Cara and you came to visit my blog last week at What you are writing about in this post is basically what the title of my blog means. How do you fit it all in, in one day? I'm the mother of a 14 and 18 years old and I've learned that if we don't sweat the small stuff and deal with what's most important our days end up being much easier. For instance, if my house is a little bit dirty when my kids come home from school but one of my kids has had a rotten day; that's what you deal with. You deal with what matters the most. Just my humble opinion! Oh, BTW, I have pneumonia now, too. YUCK!

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